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 ## Ministry Details... ##

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PostSubject: ## Ministry Details... ##   Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:44 pm

1. Write, produce and distribute evangelistic/discipleship resources.

** - Write, produce and distribute evangelistic/discipleship resources. Currently these include:
** - ADD (Active Daily Discipleship) Partake! Discipleship Course. This can be distributed by audio CD, MP3 CD and individual PDF files on a bespoke basis
** - The Jesus File - 8 short videos discussing Jesus evangelistically
** - The Bible File - 8 short videos discussing how we should interact with Scripture. Audio complete so need to work on the videos
** - Bible Book in a Minute (where each book of the bible is summarised and key verses given within a minute). New Testament written and videos produced. Old Testament to be started.
** - JOG (Jesus Overview in the Gospels)
** - Jesus' Parables Explained (Not started yet)
** - BBW - Big Bible Words (e.g. justification, propitiation, atonement)

2. The website has on average about 100 unique visitors daily and on average 120 downloads occur.
3. Running a discipleship course on a lunchtime, evening or on a Saturday - either at Poulner or another church in town...
4. Assist churches to use virtual communities and virtual reality in their local ministry
5. Support smaller churches and lead worship and/or preach there in order to give the elders/pastor a break for a week.
6. Helping sort out admin/office procedures at churches
7. Devising a welcoming & newcomers strategy for churches...
8. Devising a discipleship strategy for churches

These things I have experience of, both in a secular and church environment...
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## Ministry Details... ##
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