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 ## What is Partake... ##

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PostSubject: ## What is Partake... ##   Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:40 pm

Very draft copy


Whilst on a college placement, I did 2 short series of Podcasts for the church I was based at. I thought nothing of it until after graduation later that year, when I revisited the site and found that without any prompting or advertising that there had been over 600 downloads of the material. So, as if to assuage my curiosity, and also to stimulate me spiritually and intellectually, I started out creating Podcasts based on discipleship, with no real plan about what it would be about. A few months later I could see the makings of a course and the spread of reach the material was having globally. What started out having a dozen downloads a day, gradually increased, and today the average is 150. It is from this, that I believe the Lord is leading me into part of my ministry for Him.

Vision Statement

Partake Ministries exists to communicate and disseminate resources for the purposes of Evangelism and Christian Discipleship by employing radical and relevant methods.

Mission Statement

With the help of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen those who are weak in faith; to comfort the spiritually uncomfortable and to make uncomfortable the spiritually comfort. This is done so that people would “partake of righteousness” Matthew 5v6, and that through their life of discipleship, Jesus would have supremacy (Colossians 1v18).

How are these achieved?

In the western world, it is going to become progressively harder for Christians to live a life of Christian discipleship, faced with the twin onslaught of materialism and universalism. In order to counter this, Partake! Ministries envisions helping the Christian community by:

· Creating and Distributing Discipleship and Evangelism resources based solidly on Biblical doctrine and thought
· Assisting churches use virtual communities and virtual reality in their local ministry.
· Support smaller churches with overstretched leadership by leading worship and preaching on an as need basis, thereby giving the leadership a mini-break.


I think I may start this Partake ministry up officially on the 1st June or 1st July...

However, as an interim measure, I will keep applying for church/christian jobs as they come up and last week applied for about 6: including one where a church asked me to apply; one as a radio producer; one to facilitate discipleship resources on a Methodist circuit; and a church who wants somebody to write discipleship resources...


· Other people have suggested it, including those churches who have turned me down for jobs...
· Other people I don’t know who have evaluated my work...
· Other people I know say that it would suit my gifting...
· Yesterday when Michael came to speak at our church who is starting his own evangelistic ministry and I felt the Lord tell me to do something similar myself

Part of this would involve distributing the discipleship resources on a wider scale. That may involve me doing some tent-making and working at least part-time somewhere in the local vicinity.
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## What is Partake... ##
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